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Improving Niagara’s Market Position

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Niagara Region

The Niagara region is looking to strengthen it’s market share moving forward, through a series of surveys and focus groups. The goal is to figure out what is pulling so many people to Niagara. while at the same time working on any deterrents that are keeping migrators away.

The project carries a price tag of $41,7000 and will be carried out by PMA Brethour. It includes focus groups, homeowner surveys, , market surveys and one-on-one discussions with home builders and developers. The firm will also compare Niagara to other competitors, factoring in pricing, property taxes, development charges, and bylaw restrictions.

There has been a significant housing boom within the Region, but there is also a growing interest coming from the industrial and commercial sectors. To capitalize on all of the new residents, 2,500 homeowner surveys have been sent out in an effort to gather data on what draws people to Niagara.

Surveys are also being sent out to builders and developers. The Region wants to know why they chose to operate in Niagara and also what is and is not working for them. Builders not currently building in the area are also being asked these questions.

“It’s really good to know why you’re being successful and what matters to people, so we can promote those elements that really make sense,” Alan  Caslin said. “We’ve got a drive on now to try and increase the growth in Niagara and this is just part and parcel of what we’re trying to do. This gives us the how to get it done.”

You can take the homeowner survey here.

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Marc DeLisio is the Director of Marketing and Technology at Naturally in Niagara. Marc loves Niagara, and is striving to make it an even better place to Live, Work, Play, Invest and Retire!

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