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Top U-haul Dealer in North America

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Ron Borsella Uhaul

People have always been labelled as a combination of producers and consumers. Always moving forward, always innovating, always purchasing. The problem with this, though, is that there is always something new and exciting right at our fingertips and we sometimes find it difficult finding space for all of our new belongings. For some people this problem may be temporary and for others a more permanent one and the whole concept in itself is what sparked Ron Borsella’s entrepreneurial spirit to create a business that accommodated this very need.

Ron opened Burgarpark Storage in 2004, offering customers professional, knowledgeable and friendly service for all of their storage needs. Through a strong work ethic and unwavering commitment, he was able to grow and expand his business into different directions, one of them being the incorporation of U-Haul and becoming Welland’s only full service moving and storage provider.

“It was a natural progression of things,” says Borsella. “If you need storage, you need to move things to and from storage. Providing convenience for my customers…U-Haul was the next step. I chose the biggest company with the most availability and a great track record of providing available equipment to people when and where needed.”

Through sheer desire and passion, Ron was able to take his company to the top. After only 4 years in May of 2014, becoming “AAA” rated, BurgarPark would reign No. 1 of nearly 16,000 U-Haul dealers in North America. “I have the tools and resources available to me and use them. One of the things that I find with our U-Haul business is that unlike other large businesses that funnel you through several cues on your phone or are internet order only, we answer the phone. People want personal service. They want to know that someone’s got their back,” says Borsella. This deep understanding of his customers and above and beyond attitude is what makes BurgarPark so exceptional.

This was definitely an incredible feat and what makes it even more exciting is that were right in the Niagara Region. “Niagara is an incredible place to live, work and play. We have everything you could possible imagine right here in Niagara. With the right people pushing harmoniously in the right direction – Niagara’s going to do even better over the next while,” Borsella says.

Niagara is ripe with opportunity and it would serve us well to promote it.

“Take a quick look around,” says Borsella “New residential development, and all of the associated benefits that come with it, sprouting up across Niagara. This in turn leads to sustainable growth and is creating demand in the service industry. It doesn’t take much to notice the amount of properties available for development/redevelopment that meet the needs of small to medium business, especially in Southern Niagara.”

“I’ve also noticed that the doors at most City Halls and the Region of Niagara are open to the public and the persons with authority are listening to new ideas. They are recognizing the need to minimize constraints and are receptive to streamlining or fast-tracking processes which are realistic and necessary. I could not say this with the same conviction years ago,” says Borsella.

“There is a real need for immediate change, especially in south Niagara, due to the transition from a large industrial type area, to a small to medium service type area,” says Borsella, “When we pay attention to the trend in demographics, properly promote and utilize the resources that we have available to us here in Niagara, everyone will soon realize there really is no other place to be.”

Niagara is by far becoming, not only a better place to Live, Work and Play for service providers, but because of all this and more, a place to Invest and Prosper!

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Marc DeLisio is the Director of Marketing and Technology at Naturally in Niagara. Marc loves Niagara, and is striving to make it an even better place to Live, Work, Play, Invest and Retire!

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