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Two Hundred Years Later: Remembering the Courage of Isaac Brock

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It was a cold morning, October 13, 1812, when Major General Sir Isaac Brock led his troops into battle at Queenston Heights. The invading American forces were determined to claim the land and Brock was equally determined to repel them. In defiance of the usual protocol, Brock took his position at the front, rather than the rear of his troops and though the battle was won, the leader of the British forces lost his life in the effort.

Two hundred years later, that monumental battle – one of the most decisive moments in the War of 1812 – and Brock’s death were commemorated with a full-scale re-staging of the battle on the now-quiet Queenston Heights. Crowds of spectators, historians and military enthusiasts were on hand to mark the occasion and so, of course, was Naturally in Niagara.

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