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A Kind of Wonderful Thing

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It is called A Kind of Wonderful Thing, and that is exactly what it is. Local film company, Open Concept Films, spent two years on this labour of love and the result is something quite spectacular. Filmed locally, using Niagara talent behind and in front of the cameras, and dreamed up by a creative Niagara mind, A Kind of Wonderful Thing brings out the best of Niagara aesthetically and creatively.

The film is about a twenty-something girl living with cancer and keeping this from the people around her. The audience encounters her struggle, watches the emotional ups and downs and sees her various coping mechanisms, be they productive or destructive. It is a heart felt story that saw tears stream and laughter erupt. Sunday evening was the world premiere, and quite literally so, with only three members of the production team having laid eyes on the final product before the big debut.

While this project was collaborative and saw the benefit of numerous creative people, it was Jason Lupish who had the great idea. Lupish has been making films in Niagara for several years, and A Kind of Wonderful Thing comes on the tail of a film that was funded and received airtime on The Movie Network. It was this experience that drove Lupish to find a way to make his next film independently. Enter A Kind of Wonderful Thing. The inspirational project drew in creative minds who were eager to be involved. And on Sunday August 5 the red carpet was rolled out and each of them had their moment.

The event took place at the David S. Howes theatre at Brock University and was a three-part affair. Cocktails and hors d’oeuvres were served to jazz music at the pre-party. People mingled, members of the many creative industries in Niagara shook hands and discussed the anticipation for what was to come. The second part of the event was the screening itself. The theatre was hushed quiet, filled with eruptions of laughter, and, at some moments, sniffles and gasps as the raw emotion of the film overtook. At the end of the screening a standing ovation left filmmaker Lupish with few words more than Thank You.

The after party was an opportunity for the actors, producers, and directors to mingle with the crowd. Overwhelmed with discussions of support, congratulations of stand out performances, and questions of how does one get their hands on a copy. It seems that the support was so widespread and the buzz has brought about the demand for a second screening. As the success of the premiere sinks in, it wouldn’t surprise to see many of the same faces at the screening as the film is complex and is certainly food for thought.

Our congratulations to Jason Lupish and the team at Open Concept Films as well as those involved with the product. You have made Niagara proud.

Wonderful Thing Banner

Wonderful Thing Banner

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Allie Hughes is the wine and culinary contributor to Naturally in Niagara, feasting on the decadent experience that is life in this region. With a fine wine sensibility honed at the International Sommelier Guild, Allie is taking the journey of Niagara by the glass with you with each new taste. Allie is also the creative mind behind the marketing of the Canadian Food and Wine Institute, and owner of Hughes & Co., a boutique social strategy firm.

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